Friday, September 8, 2017



     We always enjoy watching the grandkids
during their sporting events but we especially
like our grandson's soccer games when they're
Home games!
      You see school soccer games are played
outdoors in the Fall. Unfortunately that's a
time of year when the weather can be as tough
an opponent as any other team. And it affects
spectators as well as the players!
       Yesterday we watched as rain fell through
most of the first of two games as we waited to
see our grandson play in the second contest.
        It's time like that, or in very cold weather,
where we find ourselves cheering for the clock!
        But then there's that "home field advantage"
I mentioned. My grandson's home games are
played on a field just below a parking lot! When
we get there early enough we can pull the car up
next to a small fence overlooking the field and
see all the action from the comfort of our seats!
         It doesn't rain in there and when the
weather turns cold we turn the heater on!
         Admittedly our situation doesn't do
much to help the players who have to be out
on the field. But we do cheer them on!
         And on those occasional days when
the sun sees fit to shine upon the game we
simply get our folding chairs out of the trunk
and sit on the sidelines
          Let's hear it for the Home Team! Hope
all their, and your. NEWS is good!


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