Wednesday, September 6, 2017


                     GET IT DONE!

      Seems there's a strange "holiday" for
      Tuesday, for instance, was "Be late
for something Day.
       But today is "Fight Procrastination Day."
This is a day for getting things done!
       I've only got two things on my "to do
list" today. One is to get to my grandson's
soccer game. You don't have to push me to
      The other task, however, is to take out
the garbage. That means collecting all the
bags from all the trash baskets in the house
and then replacing all those bags after I
haul the large bag out to the garbage can.
       Mark Twain would say it's better to
get the job done then to put it off. But when
it comes to collecting the garbage I'm more
like his character Huck Finn and would
prefer to go fishing.
       Since I missed "Be late for something
Day" (or maybe I'm just very late) I guess
I'll have to follow Mr. Twain's advice and
get the job done.
        Hope you'll get all your tasks
complete too so that all your NEWS is
good. (Then you can go fishing!)


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