Wednesday, May 16, 2018


   THURSDAY,MAY 17TH., 2018
              THE BIG HUNT!

       As reported earlier in my daily
blog I've enlisted the help of an
Animal Rescue organization, Quigley's
Shelter Pets, to trap a couple feral cats
and kittens that have taken up residence
under a shed in our backyard.
      We've got no interest in having
pets, other than the fish in my wife's
aquarium, They don't scratch, bite,
or make my allegories flare up. And
we don't have to take them out for
a walk or let them out for other
reasons! That said we'd like to see
these cats find good homes somewhere.
       One feline who has been roving
the neighborhood for a couple years
was the first to walk into one of the
traps that were set. He wasn't living
under the shed but may have been
one of those who destroyed the cover
over my sports car with its claws.
        It's sort of amazing to know
exactly where the other three cats
were and not be able to capture them
        We opened the traps during
the evening so as not to keep any of
the cats detained outside overnight
especially with all the rain lately. It
also seemed a sound idea to avoid
trapping one of those black cats with
the white back stripe that also happen
by from time to time.
        On Tuesday my wife decided to
set the traps while the sun was still
shining. Guess she has the special
touch because she managed to attract
one of the two kittens. It too is now
in the hands of the Rescue group.
        The trap bait seems to have
influenced me. I've had a craving
for fish all week. (And had some
        Mom and one kitten are still
hiding out. The little one looks out
from time to time almost as if to
say "Come and get me, if you can!"
        You'd think this would be
easier that an African Safari!
        Hopefully our Rescue volunteers
will be successful this week and these
felines will be in their hands and made
ready for adoption.
         Hope they're successful and that
all your NEWS is good!

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