Tuesday, September 10, 2019


              NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!
     It's an Idiom. And a phrase  I've used for the
title of this daily blog. And, as it happens, September
11th is "No News Is Good News Day!"
    Talk about ironic!!!!
    The day we're asked to refrain from listening
to, watching, or reading news happens to be
the same date as one of the very biggest news
stories in American history!
      As most of you know I've spent the better
part of my life delivering news. That included
9/11/2001 when I stationed myself at the
Tobyhanna Army Depot thinking it could be
a potential target of the terrorism that struck
our country that day,
       Thankfully it wasn't and I was able to
concentrate my reporting on just how ready
our area military installation was,,,just in case!
        News most often deals with occurrences
that are not pleasant.
        Walter Cronkite once described news as
watching yards of white linen coming off an
assembly line. It's suppose to be white. That's
the norm.
          When you suddenly see a black spot
you want to know why it's there.
           Newsmen and women are suppose
to alert you to that spot. Editorials may
suggest ways the spot can be removed.
           Some people complain about news
being "negative." But if there's black smoke
coming from the factory near your home
there's a good chance you'll want someone
to tell you why it's there and what's being
done about it.
             That's the news you'd be looking
             News reporters these days are
often chastised for offering "Fake News."
That phrase is almost always linked to
political news. Highlight a decision by
a politician you like and that's news.
              Report that same politician's
involvement in a controversy and you're
likely to believe it's all made up.
              Good reporters, and there are
still plenty of them, offer the basics that
have always produced news. Who, what,
where, when, why and/or how.
             No news really isn't good news.
             It's ignorance.
            Hope all your NEWS is good!

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