Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breath In...Breath Out!

   I was wired last night! No. I don't mean
hyper! I mean wired!
   I've been trying to deal with a cough,
sometimes serious, that showed up right
before Christmas.
   Yesterday, on orders from one of my
doctors, a guy showed up with a little
machine and told me I was suppose to
use it through the night....while I slept.
    Somehow it's suppose to measure my
oxygen levels.
    Now, I don't know about you, but
when I think "oxygen" I think about those
little plastic face masks that are suppose
to fall onto your  lap from the ceiling of
your airplane to help you breath right
before a disaster!
    But this guy brought a little device,
about the size of an IPhone, that attaches
to my finger. I didn't know I got air through
my finger. I always thought it came in
through my nose and/or mouth!
    This is interesting!
     I'm wondering, for future reference, if,
while swimming, I can just hold my finger
up out of the water?
     Anyway, the overnight test proved to be
challenging. That's partly because I roll
around from side to side throughout the night
and partly because I usually get up two or
three times a night. Neither of these
movements are quite as easy when you're
"attached" to something.
     The clinic guy suggested I just put the
unit in my pocket. But I don't usually have
any pockets while I'm sleeping.
     I found a shirt with a pocket and wore
it through the night. I kept thinking I ought
to have a pen in there too or a stick of gum.
     I'm hoping the results show I got
oxygen throughout the night. If I didn't.....
you'd probably know without a machine!
      Didn't Mr. Miyagi use that "Breath in,
breath out" thing to teach the Karate Kid?
       Hope you're breathing too and that all
your NEWS is good!


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