Thursday, July 11, 2013

A "Lights Out" Preformance!!!

    I don't want to bore anybody. But I feel
compelled to stick with a Baseball story line
in today's Blog.
    I took my two grandsons to the Railriders
game last night so they would get a chance to
see future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter in action.
I think they got more then they bargained for.
I just hope they realize it!
    While most eyes were on Jeter every time
he came to bat, Liam Hendriks, on the mound
for the visiting Rochester Red Wings, was
throwing a no hitter into the 5th inning!
    You could say it was a "lights out"
performance. In fact it was a lights out
    In the bottom of the 7th with the Home
Team up to bat and two outs......half the
stadium lights suddenly when dark. My
grandson thought, for a moment, we had
somehow been transported to February and
the Superbowl when the Superdome lights
    The game was, of course, halted while
technicians located and fixed the problem.
    There was one especially bright light
in the stadium during the partial blackout.
     Derek Jeter took some of the down
time to sign as many autographs as possible
until security personnel felt it necessary to
lead him back into the dugout.
    Good for you Derek!
    Eventually the lights went back on and
the game resumed. But Jeter was out for
the night and so, for the most part, were
the Railrider's bats.
    I am proud to say I survived the biggest
challenge of the night. I held my grandson's
"Dipping Dots" during his unsuccessful
try to get through the Jeter autograph crowd
and didn't give in to the urge to eat them!
    If only Derek would have stayed out
there a little longer!
    Hope your lights are all working and
that all of your NEWS is good!

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