Saturday, July 13, 2013

There's A Painting,On the Corner, In Pittston, Pennsylvania

    My title, of course, is to be sung to the tune
of  "A Pawn Shop On The Corner In Pittsburgh
    But it's not a Pawn Shop that drew hundreds
of people to downtown Pittston last night. They
came, apparently, for the Art!
    The city's Second Friday Art Walk took place
last evening. Artists show and hope to sell their
work, musicians perform in several downtown
parks and parking lots, restaurants set up tables
outside, and people from all over show up to
take all this in.
     I was unaware of the festivities as I headed
downtown in the self proclaimed Tomato Capital
to get an extra mile walk in for the day.
    I noticed the heavy traffic pretty quickly. But
the crowds, tents, entertainment, and art displays
didn't come into view until I had trotted a few
blocks from my parking spot towards center
City. Even in a light rain...there they were!
    I knew I was far too early for the Tomato
 Festival. Jeter had already left town. And there
was no reason to believe word had leaked to so
many people that I'd be along for a walk.
    It had to be something else. There was far
too many visitors for the Pizza parlors on the
main drag.
    About then I started to see the paintings,
photographs, and crafts set out in tents set up
along my path.
    This effort to lure people was working out
so well that had my exercise efforts were
halted every few feet by crowds completely
blocking the sidewalk! I should have brought
some of my Stick figure drawings to sell.....or
drawn some right there!
     I grew up at a time when "downtown" was
the place to be for shopping or entertainment
nearly every night.
     You've got to wonder.....if these special
efforts work one night a month....why not
once a week?
     I for one would like to see it! Of course I'd
also like to know in advance so I can adjust
my exercise route!
     I'm getting out the crayons now so I'll be
ready next time!
     Hope you "get the picture" and that all your
NEWS is good!


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