Friday, July 12, 2013

Flying High!

      As far as I know my grand daughter Jenna
has only been in an airplane twice. On flights
to and from Florida.
      And yet she's constantly in the air!
      You see Jenna is a Gymnast!
      She runs along a ramp,thrusts herself
into the air, somersaults and twists, then,
hopefully, lands on her feet!
      Or you're apt to find her on a
trampoline bouncing high into the air
doing all sorts of flips that scare us
earth bound people but delight the judges!
      This is especially amazing to me since
I sometimes fall down while going for a
walk. I can do some of the same twists.
But never intentionally and usually landing
on another bottom part of my body!
       Maybe she can teach me how to
turn my stumble into an artistic roll.
      Jenna spent part of this past week in
Kansas City taking part in National
Championship Competition.
      These are not the school yard contests
you may remember from "back in the day."
      You have to qualify in one of three
events in your own State just to be eligible
to get into this big show!
      Jenna was the only one of her local team
 to qualify in all three!
       There was a bit of competition. 231
gyms from across the nation and a total of
about 2000 competitors.
        She must have know how David felt
when he first spotted Goliath!
         Still, Jenna had decent rankings
overall and made the top 20 in Tumbling out
of 36 excellent competitors!
        Who knows how well she would have
done had she just waited till today! You
see it's her Birthday which, of course, means
another age category. I wonder if there's an
age group for me? Maybe I could slip, twist
and tumble, and win by default!?
        Anyway it's just lucky for the other
contestants that there wasn't a 4th Category.
If they threw "Beauty" in there the other 1,999
would be in trouble!
       Hope the rest of you have your feet on
the ground and that all your NEWS is good!


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