Friday, July 5, 2013

How Many People Does It Take To........

     While most people were hoisting their flags
and raising their glass to toast Independence Day
we were trying to raise the awning at our camper.
       We have done this annually for many years
to keep our deck shaded from sunshine and dry
when the rains fall.
        And yet, every year we either forget the
steps required to get the awning in place or, and
this is far more common, each of us seems to
remember those steps in a different way.
        The result is half dozen people, or more,
working for nearly an hour to accomplish a
task usually advertised as a "one man operation!"
         Yesterday is seemed as though two
separate sets of the Three Stooges had come
together to find out how to split the atom!
          My wife finally resorted to a seldom
used but often effective trick. She brought out
the directions.
          With armed outstretched, mussels flexed,
a step stool, and a power tool, our team lifted,
pushed, and tightened bolts till our small "big
top" was fully in place!
          We will now enjoy its shade and protection
till the fall when we'll have to figure out how to
take it down. (Keep those directions someplace
close honey!)
           Hope you're as "handy" as us, and that
all your NEWS is good!

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