Friday, July 19, 2013

By The Light, Of The Silvery Moon!


   Welcome to July 20th everybody.
    It's "MOON Day!"
    Now before you make the kids look away
this unusual "holiday" has nothing to so with
the display of a body area better left covered!
    Nor is it connected with any of the songs
with "Moon" in the title. By the way there
are about 43!
    July 20th has been labeled "Moon Day"
because it is the date, in 1969, when the
first man, specifically Neil Armstrong, set foot
on the lunar surface! I hope he wiped his feet!
    I remember watching that "One small step
for giant leap for mankind." live on
television. That's 44 years ago!
    I always wondered why they brought back
    We already have so many rocks! I've got
plenty around my place I would have been
glad to lend or give to them.
     I thought for sure they'd bring back some
of that green cheese! I was always told the moon
was made of green cheese.
    Of course I didn't really believe that. Anybody
can tell the moon is usually either white or
yellow. It's more likely made up of either
American or Mozzarella!
    And what ever happen to "Tranquility Base?"
    Most of our Bases are fully manned with
barracks, training facilities, and even a PX.
    I know we left a U.S. Flag there. I suppose
that Star Spangled Banner still waves. I think
there's still a Golf ball up there somewhere
   And they never found that man who, I
was told, was somewhere in the moon. I
remember hearing about him when I was a kid
too. Of course, if he was there, that would have
made Armstrong the 2nd to set foot there!
    Maybe on this "Moon Day" we should
start thinking about going back. Or at least
take a moment to appreciate the amazing
feat our country was able to accomplish
all those many years ago!
     Think about that a bit today and, perhaps,
hum a few bars of one of those  43 or so
"Moon" songs!
     Hope you have some cheese on hand too
and that all your NEWS is good!


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