Sunday, July 7, 2013


       While Independence Day 2013 is officially over
the echoes of sky rockets, cherry bombs, and various
other explosives will, undoubtedly, be heard throughout
the area until supplies have been exhausted.
       As discussed in a previous Blog we all know
that fireworks here in Pennsylvania are restricted to
"Professional permitted displays." Yea. And Elvis
will make his come back with the Rail Riders this
season too!
       Some "Professional" must have lost his way to
Mohegan Sun or PNC Field the other night because
the remnants of his display could be found all
over the street in West Pittston yesterday morning.
       The remains of aerial displays littered the
landscape along the Susquehanna River right in
front of stately homes that have either just been or
are still being rebuilt from the 2011 flooding.
       Residents have to be happy none of the
celebratory blasts ignited their roofs!
       It's also interesting that the materials used to
celebrate the birth of the United States all seem to
be made in China!
      Oh well. The Street sweeper is due on Wednesday!
      Hope you're enjoying the rocket's red glare and
that ball your NEWS is good.


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