Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Not Like It Sounds!

   It began as a pleasant drive back from
our camper on Tuesday.
   With temperatures in the 90's my Miata
top was down and the engine's mild but
constant roar was the kind of sound that
reminds people you're in a Sports car.
   Kind of like a Ferrari in a paper bag!
   Then, just after we sailed over one of
Pennsylvania patented Pot Holes, the
bag broke!
    Suddenly my wife and I found ourselves
sitting in a little red car that sounded like
NASCAR's Jimmy Johnson and Dale
Earnhardt Jr. were racing neck and neck
with me! But no one else was around!
    My tailpipe had surrendered to the
bounce and separated from my muffler.
    For the sake of anyone out there who
might not know, the muffler is that part
of the car that acts like a silencer on a
pistol. It reduces the motor noise from
you car's engine.....UNLESS....the system
     I stopped at the nearest safe spot to
have a look underneath. Keep in mind
the Miata sits about 6 inches off the ground!
     It's not easy to see what's happening
under there let along do anything about it.
      We managed to nurse it home with an
occasional scrape and a few spark as the
hanging section of tailpipe hit the pavement.
        It goes to the shop today. But I had to
eliminate the scrapping to avoid more
         There was only one way so, with my
most sincere apologies to Joan Crawford
I used a metal clothes hanger to hold the
sagging pipe above ground till the experts
can get their Super Glue in there. Sorry,but I
had to Mommy Dearest!!!!
         Hope they can keep just a tad of that
Ferrari sound for me and that all your NEWS
is good!

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