Wednesday, July 10, 2013


  I finally gave in. I just couldn't resist a chance
to see Derek Jeter playing at our local ballpark
  As I reminded you in Saturday's Blog I saw
the future Hall of Famer when he was being
scouted here as a member of the Columbus
Clippers Minor League team. They were in
town to play the Red Barons.
  I figured PNC Field would be jammed when
he first showed up on Saturday for his Rehab
assignment. And Sunday , being an afternoon
game, would be just as bad.
   So I picked Monday knowing things slack
off on the first day of the work week. It's
always been the best day to see a movie if you
want the theater pretty much to yourself.
   Problem is.....everybody else was thinking
the same way I was!
   The line along the Moosic exit of  I-81
actually backed up onto the highway itself!
Travel time from the exit to the stadium was
over a half hour! That's less than a mile drive!
    Parking attendants, who should probably
get a raise after the past few days, did a great
job in lining us up in parking spots that I never
knew were spots!
     I've been told some 9,999 other people
decided to wait till Monday too!
     It was great to see the crowd, although
difficult to walk through it at times. And it was
great to see Derek Jeter being......well.... Derek
    I got to see him get a hit, (technically they
called it an error), score a run, and
make a couple good fielding plays. (I told
you he and I are a lot alike!)
     I didn't bother trying to get any peanuts or
Cracker Jack. Those lines were longer that the
ones off the interstate!
     All in all it was a really great night to take
myself out to the ball game. I root, root, rooted
for the Home Team.....and they won! What
more could one ask for?
      Hope you have a few nights like that too and
that all your NEWS is good!


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