Thursday, July 4, 2013

Grapes Of Wrath (My wrath that is!)

       What would I ever do without Walmart?
       The chain has provided me with food,
holiday cards, and prints of our photos for
many years now. But more than that, Walmart
has provided me with subject matter for many
many Blogs!
         I blogged about the company's decision
to do away with Greeters. I blogged about its
parking lot becoming a home for Tractor
Trailers. After the company put up barriers
to prevent trucks from overnight parking I
blogged about the truck that knocked one of
the barriers over. And the total misuse of
shopping carts by shoppers has provided me
with many blog ideas!
        But just when I thought I had seen
everything my wife called my attention to
the elderly lady "shopping" the produce
section yesterday.
        As we watched the woman reached into
at least two bags of grapes, pulled out a few
and ate them as she stood there! I'm so
pleased I wasn't in the market for grapes
       When last I saw her she was making her
second swing around the bananas, picking up
every bunch she could get her hands on, one
at a time. I couldn't tell if she was checking
for freshness, or just killing time till the
coast was clear to get back to the grapes.
          I was afraid to go back to the area lest
I slip on a discarded banana peel!
       I was reminded of the old movies in
which you'd see a Policeman helping
himself to an apple from the street stand in
the Bronx!
       I don't think this old gal was a cop!
       If only I had my camera!
       I mentioned her to a clerk on break as
I left the store. The clerk told me she was
familiar with the woman. In fact, she told me
the woman had been sampling donuts too!
        She also said there wasn't anything she
could do about it! That may have been my
biggest surprise!
        So if you happen to be preparing your
fruit bowl or picking up some pastries you
might want to make sure you pick out a bag
or box that looks filled and is definitely
       Meanwhile I know one old gal who
won't have to worry if the Senior Center is
closed for the holiday. Walmart will be open
so she won't go hungry!
       Hope your donut holes are in the middle
and that all of your NEWS is good!

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