Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Under The Big Top!

       No the circus is not in town. Well, not
       The "Big Tops" I've got in mind began
to show up right before Easter. They
appeared on empty lots usually along busy
streets or highways.
        These portable market places were
selling flowers for Easter then, a few weeks
later, for Mother's Day.
         Now they've been replaced by the
Fireworks vendors!
          I've always been amazed by these
pre Independence Day attractions. I mean
what, exactly, can they offer to enhance your
July 4th celebration?
         Remember Pennsylvania has some
strict Fireworks laws. Check this out:
         "Non-fireworks", ground and hand
held sparkling devices, novelties, and toy
caps are the only types allowed to be sold
from tents, stands, convenience stores, and
other outlets in our state.
         You can't buy those skyrockets and
bombs bursting in air in Pennsylvania......
unless you have a Municipal permit for
a display.
          But if you're not a state resident you
can buy any kind of fireworks you want from
a licensed outlet!
          Which brings me to ask if our
neighborhoods are being invaded by New
Jersey folks every July? Those haven't
been sparklers exploding around the place
since last weekend!
          Somebody, obviously from out of
state, usually begins their 4th of July
celebration around June 20th and ends
around July 15th unless they run out of
explosives before then.
          There are all kinds of signs around
those tents. Special deals if you buy $100
worth. (That's a lot of sparkle!) A sign
indicating that Credit cards are accepted.
I think, with all that inventory, I would
have appreciated a  "No Smoking" sign!
         Well, anyway, I guess the fuse has
been lit and the three ring circus featuring
fireworks of all kinds, all around, has
         Hope if you play with fireworks you
don't get burned and that all your NEWS is good!


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