Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't miss the 1st as you get set for the 4th!

     I'm sure most folks out there have their eyes
set on the 4th of July!
     Probably a day off. Perhaps planning a picnic.
Stocking up on fireworks (only the legal ones I'm
sure). Getting set to celebrate a good U S of A
Independence Day.
      That's all well and good. But don't forget all
the big events we're suppose to be celebrating
today....July 1st!
       Today, for instance, is Creative Ice Cream
Flavors Day!
       Howard Johnson's used to be famous for
featuring 28 flavors of ice cream in all its
restaurants. Its freezers might be considered
half empty by today's standards.
       We have a favorite small Dairy Store near
Mount Cobb that always has at least 30 flavors
and they are certainly "creative!" My grandson
raves about the French Toast and Bacon dips he
got there recently.
       July 1st in also Canada Day. It's not that
our northern neighbors didn't want to share July
4th. The fact is Canada became self-governing
on July 1st, 1867.
      This is also International Joke Day! I don't
think that has anything to do with Canada. It's
just a day set aside to encourage people to
spread laughter around the world. If you can't
post a good joke to encourage a smile perhaps
you could send some French Toast and Bacon
Ice Cream overseas! That should do the trick!
     Last, but certainly not least, July 1st was
my brother Jim's Birthday. We lost Jim, way
too soon, in 2005.
      Jim was 8 years older than I.
      He had the wavy hair. He had the math
and science knowledge I never had. Jim got
the fantastic signing voice in our family.
     But I won out in the end. I had one thing
he didn't have!
     I had the best big brother!
     Hope you'll wave the Maple Leaf flag a
bit today, have a scoop of some unusual
flavor ice cream, laugh at or tell a good
joke, and that all your NEWS is good!

And my brother Jim!

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