Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coming Or Going?

    My wife and I took in a Drive In Movie the
other night. Our area is lucky to have several
Drive Ins still operating and going brings back
a lot of nice memories for me.
    My Dad was a projectionist and I used to
hang out at the theater while he got the movies
ready and, of course, stayed for many Double
    I even learned to drive in our 1950 Buick
as I weaved around the speaker posts and
practiced parking there.
    Of course Drive Ins have changed a bit
since then!
    Most of the speaker poles are gone now
except for theaters that have kept them to
manager the spacing between cars.
    There was plenty of space between
vehicles the other evening. But their
placement was a lot different than it used to
be "back in the day."
    There were 16 in the row in front of us.
    Six were facing the screen. Ten were
facing me! I didn't know if they were coming
or going! Seems like most Drive In movie
goers these days give up the comfort of their
automobile seats for a ledge on an open tail
gate, or folding chairs they set up in back of
their cars.
    The mosquitoes love that option too!
    It was good to see so many families at the
show! Kids were running all over the place
before the movie got started. There's a freedom
at the Drive Ins not offered in an indoor
cinema. And the kids love the place. I heard
one ask his parents...."What movie did we
come to see?" I suppose it really didn't matter.
He was just happy to be there.
    So was I. Except for those few occasional
moments when a few people felt it necessary
to step in front of the projection booth to
cast their shadow on the big screen.
    The speakers have been replaced by you
own car radio. That's fine unless of course,
you accidentally hit the wrong button and
forget what frequency you're suppose to tune
in! At least you window won't break as you
pull out since there's no speaker to forget to
      And let's face it. You can't beat Movie
Pop Corn!
       Hope you'll hit the road for a Drive In
this summer , no matter which way you park,
and that all your NEWS is good!

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