Monday, June 3, 2013

These Boots Are Made For............

    Regular readers will undoubtedly remember my
quest for new work style boots awhile back.
    For those who don't, in a nut shell, I traveled
to Walmart where I found it's impossible, for
me at least, to replace a pair of boots exactly
in the way they were packaged after trying on
a number of pair to find the right size.
    I was eventually successful and got a brand
new pair.
    But what to do with the old ones?
    True, they were leaving bits of shredding
heel rubber everywhere I walked.
     But are there not occasions when an old
pair of footwear, shoes, sneakers, or boots,
are what you really want to fit the circumstances?
     Consider. It's raining cats and dogs outside
(and as I write I'm wondering if that's where all
those cats are coming from), and it's muddy as
muddy can be. And you've got to take out the
    Isn't that the time when a very old and
decaying pair of boots would come in handy?
After all, your feet are still essentially protected.
And who cares if a pair of old boots get soaked
and are covered in mud?
    It seemed logical to me. But my wife had her
own idea!
    Seems we agree there's no concern about an
old pair of boots getting wet, muddy, or
otherwise weathered. She just didn't think they
ought to be on my feet what that happened.
    So those old, trusted boots have now become
part of her garden landscaping! They now
are host to some kind of a plant instead of my
feet! And we now know..."These boots are made
for Gardening!"
    Hope you've got a green thumb, or foot, and
that all your NEWS is good!
David DeCosmo's photo.

David DeCosmo's photo.

David DeCosmo's photo.

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