Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memory Lane

    My involvement with the WYOU/WBRE
60th Anniversary Special got me to thinking
about my early days with what was then
    I've got some video clips from "back in the
day." The quality isn't near as good as today's
technology allows.
    For instance the lighting must have been
poorer back then because my hair appears to
be dark in that old film file.
    For a time our main set looked a lot like
a coffin. We took a lot of teasing about that!
And, after awhile, they buried it!
    What amazes me most, however, was the
revolving door you never noticed! We had
a tremendous turn over in talent over the
     We remember some of the names like
Debby Dunleavy, and Derry Bird.
     Some people remember me after more
than 30 years at Ch22. But a lot of people
still pass me in the street and say "Hi Tom"
(apparently confusing me with the late Tom
Powell) or ask if my father was in television
(apparently confusing David DeCosmo with
the late Franklin D. Coslett).
     But we had a lot of really great reporters
and anchors who aren't always remembered.
I hear from one of them, Bill Mecca, on
Facebook fairly often.
     Most others just moved on, usually to
bigger and better things, and we've generally
lost touch with one another.
     We had a really good team and it did a
pretty darn good job over the years!
     Every now and then we need a little
walk down Memory Lane.
     It's a nice place to visit....but we wouldn't
want to live there!
     Hope most of your memories are pleasant
and that all your NEWS is good!



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  1. Oh, My, you found the casket set!!! and some skinny guy with a mustache who looks like he could be my son.

    Thank you my friend. I have recently been trying to convert some old 3/4" tape from WDAU/WYOU to DVD and will be creating a Youtube channel for them. Well, I was until the 3/4" deck stopped sending a video signal. I have so many good memories of that time, and so many good people who I still call friend.