Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Other Comeback!

   I was thrilled to be back on Ch22 last
night to host a special on the 60th anniversary
of WYOU and WBRE TV.
   It wasn't really my first "come back."
   I was interviewed for a special on the
1972 Agnes Flood, joined PA Live to talk
about regional connections to the Titanic,
joined my old friend Judge Tom Munley on
his "Veteran's Views" segment, and even had
this Blog picked as the "Blog of the Week"
a while back.
    But my other "comeback" has been slow
in coming.
    Up until last year I haden't missed a season
on the Softball mound since I was a teenager!
    I played for a lot of teams. Some in leagues,
many with a group of players just looking
for a good "pick up ame."
     Most of the games were for media outlets.
     First WILK radio then, later for WDAU
which became WYOU which joined with
     I keep running into people who either
played with or against me over the years. Some
are the sons of those I played against over those
same years.
     I usually get very positive comments about
my past pitching preformances.
     Former opponents like me because of all
the hits they got off my 4 mile per hour Fastball.
     My team mates probably like me because I
usually showed up!
     That streak was halted in 2012 by some
breathing problems. Asthma and allergies. A
really bad combination!
     I hoped to resume the tradition this year and
even made a team practice a few weeks ago.
     But lousy weather has stopped two comeback
chances this season so far. And busy weekends
and vacation plans may cause some scheduling
problems in the weeks ahead.
      I'm still hoping my aging arm will get a
couple innings in this year. My wife is hoping
it's my pitches...and not me....that gets
clobbered on the field!
      Here's hoping my perfect game lasts longer
than the 2nd batter in the first inning and that all
your NEWS is good!


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