Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There's Nothing To Do!

   You hear it from kids all the time!
"There's nothing to do!"
   Now I know how they feel!
   It's been a hard day's night here in Wine
Country! Especially for those of us who
have been ripening on the vine for a few
years already.
    My wife and I, along with two other
couples set out for the Lake Seneca area
Tuesday morning to meet up with some
other old friends for a couple of days.
     It's the time of life for us "older folks"
to relax a bit!
    The trip took so much out of us we had
to strengthen ourselves with lunch the
moment we met up, then get some rest
sitting around the pool in the sunshine.
It's hard to sit around in the hot sun!
    That was followed by a few games of
ping pong and the classic contest of
seniors everywhere...Shuffleboard!
    Those games can wear you out too!
    So we stopped playing after awhile and
  ....went for a walk! We were killing some
 time before dinner.
    But we made a serious decision not to
let all that food catch up with us. That's
why most of our party set out for a
stroll along a road that winds its way
near the lake. We talked with people we
passed and enjoyed the beauty of Lake
    It was great exercise!
    And we might have broken even
for the day....that is calories in vs
calories burned.....until someone
mentioned ice cream.
    We loaded the cars and drove
about three miles to a cute little road
side stand called "Mr Twistees" where
forced ourselves to have desert for the
day. Hey, who are we to deprive these
folks from making a living?
    Since all the chairs were taken round
the campfire when we returned we actually
had to stand for awhile chatting with others
who had apparently submitted themselves
to a similar busy day. They, however,
had added a significant intake of wine
to the mix!
     We had to retire early so we could
get up for breakfast, hit a winery or two,
then grab some lunch before checking on
a boat cruise.
      It's tough when you get "older." There's
just nothing to do!
      Hope you get to have a "hard day"
like ours and that all your NEWS is

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