Sunday, June 2, 2013


  After Friday's hike through the jungle....OK....
a back woods trail....with two of our grand kids,
another grandson and grand daughter teamed
up with us yesterday for what I initially thought
was more "civilized activities."
   There was a stop for hot dogs, a movie, ice
cream, and then....Miniature Golf!
    The sun was still up when we hit the first
    But either this was the longest mini golf
course in the world or the set of "rules" we
were using added a bit of time to the game.
    That may be because those "rules" seemed
to change a bit from hole to hole.
     Now, to be honest, there were some
occasional distractions. The nest of new
born bunnies we found near one of the holes
tended to take every one's mind off the course
for a few minutes.
     Then there was my grand daughter's screams
when she spotted the two frogs who were
sharing one of the fairways with us. She seemed
convinced they were some sort of attack frogs.
     Everyone of us had used up our "Mulligan"
before we were half way through the course.
     After that there were a series of comments
relating to an "accidental tap of the ball" or
a club that had inadvertently "hit the mat"
followed by a rationalization as to why
those occurrences should not count as a stroke
on the score card.
    I would have loved to see how
Tiger Woods would do under these unique
    The lights around the course were casting
heavy shadows as we made our way onto the
back 9. That and the implied impatience of
the man I took to be the proprietor as he stood
at a distance and stared at our foursome convinced
us to skip the last few holes and head for the most
difficult. That worked out well for my grand
daughter as she shot the only hole in one recorded
for the outing.
      The evening concluded as my grand kids
somehow converted the golf scores into some
sort of "song" they repeated over and over until
we got them to their home. Luckily we weren't
very far away!
      I now plan to join the bunnies and frogs in
their attempt to hide from the world and get
some rest.
      Hope you're feeling above Par, and that all
your NEWS is good!



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