Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now You See Me.....Twice!!

   The movie is called "Now You See Me." And
we have seen "Me", or rather it, twice! In fact
we saw it two days in a row. And we loved it
both times.
    It's a clever story with a lot of special effects.
    But I think we liked it so much because of
its magic theme!
    I've always enjoyed seeing magic preformed.
    My Dad actually did some back stage work
with Blackstone Jr.
    Then, for a few years, my son got "into the
    He learned to do some magic tricks. First
simple ones then, later, more sophisticated ones.
    He was still is school when a local police
officer came to talk with the kids. The
patrolman asked for a volunteer to show
what it's like to be shackled after you're
   Needless to say my son's hand shot up and
he came up before the class to be handcuffed
to a waist belt.
    I only wish I had been there to see the
officer's face when he turned from the class
back to my son who had the handcuffs and
belt off and handed them back!
    My wife learned a few of the magic tricks
too and gets them out every now and then to
amaze friends, the grand kids....and me!
    She does one where she borrows a dollar
bill, pokes a hole in it with a pen, then pulls
the pen out and makes the hole disappear!
     I was trying to get in on that act. I
wanted her to borrow a Fifty or Hundred
dollar bill for the trick then give back the
pen instead of the money!
    I've never been interested in knowing
how the tricks are done. I'd rather just
enjoy MAGIC!
    That may be why one of the first
illusions in "Now You See Me" still has
me wondering did they do that????
    I may have to go see it again!
    Hope you still believe in magic and that
all your NEWS is good!


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