Saturday, June 15, 2013

If You Rebuild It....They Will Come!

        If you stop and think about it, our area has
a lot of treasures! Some are more apparent than
        My wife and I took a ride to one, actually
two, of our favorites yesterday.
        They are two bridges that span Huntington
Creek in Columbia County. They stand back to
back. They haven't carried any traffic for 50
years. But we love to walk across or, maybe,
even stop to have a picnic right on their decks!
        Oh and, by the way, they were originally
built in 1884!
        They are the East and West Paden, better
know as the Twin Covered Bridges in Fishing
Creek Township not far from Bloomsburg.
         These structures still stand thanks to the
support of Columbia County which had to
completely rebuild the West Paden span after
it was washed away by a flood in 2006.
        County officials recognized the importance
of these unique and classic covered bridges both
as historical treasures and tourist attractions.
         A quick glance at the Visitor's Registers
on the bridges seems to prove they were right.
         Visitors have signed in from all over the
country as well as from Canada and England.
          And the comments are even more telling.
Comments such as ..."Beautiful!", "Love It.",
and "Love this place."
          Many commended the County for its
preservation efforts with comments like....
"Thank you for saving these beautiful bridges.",
and "(This) Could not have been cheap. But
well worth every cent."
         In fact $650,000 in FEMA funds were
used for rebuilding. Both bridges were originally
constructed for $720! Talk about inflation!!!!!!
           Covered bridges have long been know
by some as "Kissing Bridges." So what better
place for a "First Date, First Kiss" as logged
by Karla & Burt on May 26th of this year.
           It's nice to see hundred year plus
traditions still being observed! I, of course,
did my part as well!
          Hope you get a chance to see and
appreciate some of our regional treasures
and that all your NEWS is good!


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