Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Devil or Angel?

      It was hot and humid as I started my two
mile morning walk yesterday.
      Between my good pace and sweatshirt I
felt I was really accomplishing something as
I trotted along.
      I was well past the halfway point when
I spotted them. Two young ladies sitting in
front of their home and behind a fold up
      I admit to being a sucker when I see kids
jumping into the business world with a
sidewalk stand.
      My sympathy probably dates to the days
when I sold Cool Aid (the real stuff) in front
of the home where I grew up. It was, in a sense,
a preview of things to come as I found a way
to turn an old headset into a microphone and
literally called out to potential customers
through a speaker in a radio set up next to my
stand. Think of how many years I ended up
making a living with a microphone!
      Anyway I find it hard to pass a stand run
by kids. And I figured a little lemonade would
have little effect on my exercise efforts.
       Except.....these kids weren't selling
        As I got closer I realized these enterprising
students were actually selling baked goods!
Their table was filled with trays of chocolate
chip cookies, cup cakes, and brownies!
         The Devil would surely tell me to give
in. To buy and eat these caloric pastries.
         The Angel would usually say.. "Resist
this temptation David."
         But in this case the two usually opposing
entities were in agreement! The Devil said
"Buy these tempting treats!" The Angel said
"Help these deserving kids make a dollar or
two." Hey if they agreed what could I do?
        I was sunk! The 175 calories I expected
to burn on this walk would instantly be cut to
about 50 as I ate two of the cookies while
I completed my walk. I couldn't just carry
them along! People would talk!
       Oh well. I was still ahead, if a bit less than
expected, and two kids seemed happy that at
least one very satisfied customer stopped by
to enjoy the results of their late night baking
       Hope I walk that way again...and that all
of your NEWS is good!


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