Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Here Kitty!

  I wasn't sure if I should laugh or scream when
  I saw the sign near our mailbox yesterday.
  It read "Free Kittens."
  I bring it to your attention for a couple of
  First I'm hoping some of you might take
advantage of the offer. That's especially
true if you live somewhere like Texas or
Alaska. Somewhere away from here!
  You see today, June 4th, is "Hug A Cat
Day." And around my development there
are plenty of cats to be hugged!
   They're all over the place!
   The other night, in the midst of the heat
and high humidity when sleeping was already
a major challenge, one of our many
unattended felines spent what seemed like
several early morning hours auditioning
for a spot on the fence in the play "Cats."
(It would not have made the cast although
it may have a future as a siren on some
sort of emergency vehicle!)
     The problem seems to be people who
have cats but have no intention of
caring for or controlling them!
     I spotted one sitting on top of my wife's
car the other day. If the population keeps
growing around here it's only a matter of
time till one takes a spot on a front grill!
     If the "Free Kittens" are gone when you
arrive please feel free to take any others
you find wandering around the place!
     There's at least one somewhere close
to my house. He left some evidence near
my car the night before last. I found it on
my sneaker yesterday morning.
      Hope you'll take him to your home
to be hugged and that all your NEWS is

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