Monday, June 17, 2013

Something For Nothing!?

   John called our house the other day.
   John, or whatever his name is, has been
calling our house  a couple times
a week
for a couple months.
   His calls sound a little like this...."Hi
this is John calling for Medic Alert, I
see (papers shuffle) you or someone in
your house has qualified for Medic Alert
equipment and, let's see,,,,,,ah...this is at
no charge. Everything has been paid for."
    Well about this time I'm trying to ask
John, or whatever his name is, what he's
talking about, how we "qualified" for this
wonderful "gift, and which of our many
physicians might have suggested we were
"in need."
     But that's when I discovered that John,
or whatever his name is, may sound "live"
but is actually a recording!
     It's a new and somewhat effective
technique in telemarketing. If they'd learn
to throw in a comment like..."What's that?,
I can't quite hear you,There must be trouble
with your phone"...they might have fooled
us completely.
    If you listen long enough you'll get to a
point where you're required to punch a
number on your phone to arrange to have
your equipment, which we're reminded is
already paid for, to be delivered!
    We have never taken that next step. So
our equipment, for which we've been pre
approved and which is totally paid for, is
probably sitting gathering dust in a
warehouse somewhere.
     I certainly hope John , or whatever his
name is, didn't pay for that equipment out
of his own pocket!
     I tried to call him back, just in case,
but I reached a recording indicating the
number I called "Is not a working number."
     Wow! Don't tell me John, or whatever
his name is, lost his job! Or, maybe, can't
pay his phone bill.
      Maybe I could recommend him for one
of those Free cell phones the Government
makes available to qualified individuals?
      I  checked the Medical Alert web site
and, sure enough, the equipment is free as
is the set up........but....wait a minute.....
there's something here about a monthly
fee and I'm not so sure anybody would be
paying that for me. you think
John, or whatever his name is...planned to
cover that charge for...........Nah.....I don't
think so.
      Hope someone is giving you something
for nothing and that all your NEWS is good!


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