Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Day At The Park!

      I have covered this general subject before.
But wise advice bears repeating! 
      We joined two of the grandkids, and some
family friends at Knoebels Amusement Park
         I can remember just a couple of years ago
when I'd hold on to them as they rode the
Carousel or have them sit next to me as we rode
the train. It was always a treat to try to catch
the brass ring or ride the rails right under the
roller coaster!
         But, suddenly, they've turned into pint
sized versions of Evel Knievel! Now they want
to go on instead of under the coaster!
         They by passed the painted horses and
miniature railroad in favor of "attractions" like
the "Downdraft," the "Looper," which is a little
bit like sitting inside a huge truck tire as it spins,
or the "StratosFear," which gently carries you
up a 148 foot tower, only to drop you back to
the bottom in about 3 seconds!
          They say a good scream will actually
help you to enjoy these thrill rides.
           Luckily I didn't have to find out!
           I pointed out several signs which
clearly indicated you had to be 48 inches tall
to board many of attractions. I, of course, exceed
those limitations.
           Several people tried telling me those were
minimum height requirements. You read it your
way...I'll read it mine!
           I don't see them posted on the Carousel
or Train Ride so I'll just stick with those to be
on the safe side. And I'm really talking the safe
side here!
           Hope you'll catch one of the horses that
goes up and down and that all your NEWS is

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