Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feel Free To Chime In!

     Some of you may recall my recent Blog on
the absence of people from front porches these
days. Since I wrote it I've been trying to spend
more time on my own.
     I took the paper with me when I sat there
     While the porch was perfectly dry Thursday
night's rain left everything else wet. That meant
there would be no distractions from crews working
on nearby sites or lawn mowers buzzing away.
It would be quiet.......I thought!
     But just about the time I tried to focus my
attention on what looked like an interesting story
the wind picked up a bit. And suddenly the silence
was broken by a series of various notes. There
was no song. Just many unrelated sharps and flats
emanating from several sets of chimes hanging
from the porch ceiling.
     I should not have been surprised. They've been
hanging around for as long as I can remember. In
fact the loudest was provided by a set that my wife
retained from the house where she grew up.
    Another was a home made chine constructed by
my grand daughter with a very Indian...I mean
Native American theme.
     I suppose each has its own story as well as its
own notes. I can't say I remember all the stories
and it's rare to hear all the notes sounding at the
same time. Especially those made by the knife and
forks chime. Wonder where we picked up all that
     It was kind of neat. I can't help but wonder if
it's the kind of thing Simon & Garfunkel had
in mind when they wrote 'The Sounds Of Silence?"
     And while they provided no particular song
their combined sounds did make for a lot of sweet
      They sure beat the sound of lawn mowers!
       Especially mine with me pushing it!
       Hope you're listening for music where ever
you find it and that all of your NEWS is good!

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