Sunday, June 23, 2013

For Love Of The Game!

          I started playing Softball when I was about 16.
          I didn't make the Teeners League. I wanted to
be Mickey Mantle. But they wanted me to throw the
baseball from Center Field to Home Plate on one
bounce. I don't think I could reach the infield on one
         So I had to be satisfied playing with friends in
"Sandlot games." Except, in our case, their were coal
waste field games.
         Then somebody talked me into playing with a
Church Fast Pitch Softball team. I hit a homer in the
first game and I've been playing Softball in one form
or another ever since.
          Last evening I was invited to join my friends
on the WBRE team to play in a fun game at the
Robbie Davis Tournament in Plains Township.
         It makes me feel good to be invited to play
because I don't hit home runs anymore. I don't run
very well anymore either. My best quality, probably,
is that I show up whenever I can.
        I surprised myself a bit last night. I had two
hits for my three times at bat. And I made a pretty
darn good catch off the Pitcher's mound if I do say
so myself. My wife was not surprised, however,
when she learned I hurt my knee making the catch.
She had asked if I was limping even before I got
out of the car and limped into the house. My wife
has replaced the traditional "Have a good time" with
"Try not to get hurt." And I really do try. I'm just
not very successful!
        I guess injuries come with age! And speaking
of age, Satchel  Paige was 59 when he pitched
his last game. I'll be 71 in September!
        There are some leagues in Florida where I'd
be considered a Rookie! Maybe I'll get traded
         The "kids", that is everybody else I play
with and against, keep me feeling pretty young.
Except, of course, for my left knee which is
feeling pretty old about now.
         But our team leader, Dave Kuharchik
keeps putting me in the lineup and that's
better than being picked by a witness in one!
         There's a scene in the movie "Damn
Yankees" in which Joe Hardy, who has gone
back on his deal with the Devil, is changed
from a strong young ballplayer to the old man
he really is as he's running back to catch a
long fly ball that could cost his team the
Pennant. Unable to run, he stumbles  and
falls......BUT catches the ball!
          Every time I take the mound or get
to swing the bat I feel a little like that
character.....and pretty darn good!
          Hope you get to feel like that sometime
too and that all your NEWS is good!


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