Friday, June 7, 2013

A Look Back At Our Look Back!

  Well tonight was the big night!
   After several months of planning,
interviews, writing, and editing, the
WYOU/WBRE 60th Anniversary
special aired earlier this evening on
Channel 22.
   WYOU (then WGBI) TV went
on the air on June 7th., 1953. WBRE
started its operations on January 1st
that same year.
   Producer Becky Kramer Stitzer
was the real star of this production
although she was never seen. Becky
did all the research, many of the
interviews and much of the begging
for material needed to tell this story.
   But there are other stars including
local TV veterans like Jimmy Keenan,
the former Chief Photographer at WYOU,
Keith Martin, who worked at both the
stations during his career, and Jack
Scanella, retired Ch22 Assignment
Director and Photographer who
covered many major stories during his
tenure. And who could ever forget
Derry Bird who both anchored and
did weather at WDAU/WYOU?
    I got to host the show. Becky wanted
me because my face is so associated with
WYOU and, I assume, because I work
    As I reported in a previous Blog, I was a
bit concerned about being on camera with
all that High Definition equipment.
Becky told me not to worry as she could
"Photo Shop" the finished video. She said
she could not, however, help me with my
request to make me look like Brad Pitt.
     I'm only sorry we only get a half hour
to tell the story. There's so much more
that could be told.....although some of it
probably shouldn't be!
     I hope you loved the program. If so
let the GM at WBRE/WYOU know it!
     If you just liked it, tell him you loved
it anyway!
     If you missed it take heart, There's talk
of a rebroadcast and/or a showing on line.
     If that happens I'll let you know.
     Hope they'll have a "Brad Pitt Lens"
ready for me next time and that all your
NEWS is good!

Becky Kramer Stitzer

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  1. I worked at Ch 22 for over 22 years as a photographer and engineer. I really enjoyed the show but wish it were MUCH longer. There is so much to tell.
    Walt Rounds