Thursday, June 27, 2013

That's A Lot Of Bologna!

        I drove my wife to our church yesterday
 morning. But there weren't any services.
        She and nearly a dozen members of the
Women's Fellowship group showed up to help
with one of their most popular fund raising
projects. They make Hoagies!
         Our church, like most others, has
discovered that any project that involves food
is nearly always a success.
          So the ladies gathered and, borrowing
a concept made famous by Henry Ford, set up
a production line to assemble their product.
           Raw materials like tomatoes and onions
are sliced then set aside in individual containers
while fresh rolls are lined up to receive the main
ingredients of meat and cheese.
           I'm probably reveling a trade secret by
telling you this but sometime back the women
discovered that customers like their hoagies
prepared in different ways.
           Some like lots of lettuce but no onions.
Some want extra dressing but no tomatoes.
           Like Ford, you can't customize every
product that comes off the assembly line.
          So our ingenious gals came up with a
system that allows them to make the basic
hoagie and put the other items in a baggie
that's included in the package so they can load
them in whatever amount and whatever order
they like.
           It's still a lot of work for them. But they
seem to enjoy it and put out a very tasty treat!
           I was the only male in attendance and
I'm sure the women will tell you I was a very
big help as I fulfilled my one and only duty.
           I stayed completely out of their way!
           Hope they sold as well as Fords and
that all your NEWS is good!

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