Saturday, June 1, 2013

The End Of The Road

   Two of my grandchildren visited yesterday.
   It's always an adventure. But yesterday they
really wanted to have one.
   I should have guessed what they had in mind
when my grandson showed up with his "Bush
hat" and walking stick.
   I immediately made reference to the 90 degree
temperatures and all the recent warnings about
ticks in the woods these days. It did no good.
   I found myself and my two companions
trudging up and along a back woods trail
most recently frequented by ATV's and, now
and then, a four wheel drive vehicle or two.
   The kids wanted some time in nature. And,
indeed, nature was alive and in bloom along
the narrow trail.
    There were bugs, something that was probably
poison ivy, and some material that might have
come as a surprise to the kids. Unfortunately I
was neither surprised or impressed.
    It seems that some of those "off roaders"
have been using our local woods as a landfill.
Remnants of sofas, chairs, and cushions filled
part of an old canal that runs along the trail.
    There were some tires too. There are always
some tires.
     These kids are just learning about nature so
maybe it's just as well they see how easily it
can be ruined by senseless acts like dumping.
      Fortunately the wreckage was limited to a
fairly small area so the rest of our trek was
more enjoyable!
     Of course at a certain point the kid's walk
turned into a jog and I ended up doing a solo
stroll for the last leg of the excursion. It's just
as well. Their pace might have killed me!
      Then they would have had to dump me
along the trail!
       Hope you're not down in the dumps and
that all your NEWS is good!


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