Friday, May 31, 2013

What's That You Say?

  My grandson sat on our rocker.
  I was on the couch.
  My wife was in the kitchen.
  My grandson and my wife were
separated by approximately 20 feet.
   My wife directed a question to my
grandson. Neither he, nor I, heard
what she asked.
   I bring this to your attention
because today, May 31st., is "Save
your Hearing Day."
   Now, to be fair, there are several
reasons beyond hearing loss that
might account for our "failure to
   First, the TV was on and some sort
of "rock band" was playing. That
might be reason enough.
   Second, the air conditioner was on
high as we attempted to counter the
90 degree outside temperature.
   Now in my case hearing loss does
figure least a bit.
    Many moons ago I was a DJ. It
was back in the days when the "oldies"
were new. And they were otne loud.
And I wore a headset which directed
all those notes into my ears.
   It definately took a toll over time
and I don't hear as well as I used to.
   Add to that the fact that my wife
speaks softly and you're got a
situation where the word most often
used in my house is..."What?"
   While all of those factors seem to
figure into the question lost between
my wife's mouth and our ears, it may
well have been the question itself that
was least to my grandson
who was never a DJ.
    My wife asked if he had started
his homework!
    What kid has ever really listened
for that question?
    Hope you "hear" what I'm saying,
and that all your NEWS is good!

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