Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holiday Traditions

    My wife and I had no particular plans for Memorial
    Then my son called to suggest we get together at our
camper where HE would tend the grill! As in the
"Godfather" he had made an offer we couldn't refuse!
    We soon found ourselves part of and surrounded by
a hundred holiday traditions.
    Since the weather was great I put the top down in
my Miata and started our traditional back road ride
to the lake.
    We stopped at the traditional EMS roadblock where
volunteers stand out in the middle of the busiest
highway intersection they can find and hold out boots
or helmets or whatever they have in an attempt to get
every driver to toss in money.
    I do not endorse these kinds of drives, especially
when youngsters are involved. But in the spirit of the
holiday (and since the light was red) I tossed in a
    I poured a traditional tank full of gasoline into the
lawn mower and cut our grass as well as our
neighbors! ( I'm not sure how that traditional got
started but it's gone on for awhile!)
    The family, all available that is, had a traditional
gathering which includes various chores around the
camper. Then, if you're lucky, you get a chance for
a traditional "sit down."
     True to his word my son brought and cooked a
grill full of traditional hot dogs and hamburgers.
His girl provided some delicious, but perhaps, non
traditional desert, and my daughter and son-in-law
came with enough traditional extras to supply a
platoon of hungry soldiers. Since there were no
soldiers everyone else was responsible for some
traditional over eating! My daughter also made
sure there was one container of traditional
Pringles since I don't go for those fancy flavors!
     And lest I forget, while campers and visitors
enjoyed their traditional cook outs, fishing, and
fun.......most everyone enjoyed their day beneath
a display of the Stars and Stripes which, as per
tradition, could be seen flying from most every
     Hope you "remembered" while you enjoyed
your traditions, and that all your NEWS is good!

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