Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Rain and I

     Wouldn't you just know it!
     I have a "To Do List" that's about an
arm long and Mother Nature sends a day
long rainstorm!
     Rainy days seem to have more than
24 hours. At least they just seem to drag
on. Why is that?
      I showed up early for my wife's
doctor's appointment and decided to just
wait in the car. The constant sound of
rain on the roof made my eye lids heavy.
     A nap seemed in order. But I find it
difficult to doze off in full view of the
constant parade of patients coming to or
going from their appointments, I only
wondered why so many came and went
while I was still waiting for my wife.
      The rain slowed a bit as we stopped
by our local pharmacy. But the skies
opened up again right after our grocery
shopping and just in time to catch me
trying to load the car. It had such "great
      It was pouring hard again as I picked
up our other vehicle at the garage where
we had some brake work done.
      It had slowed by the time I got back
and started to unload some of our
groceries. Unfortunately the rear door,
my access to those groceries, was
positioned right under a drain spout!
      Another lull in the sprinkles....till
I left to pick up my grandson. Then, yep,
more heavy stuff!
     Oh well, I guess I'll get to dry out
as we hit the 90's this week...unless, of
course, I get caught in one of the
numerous thunderstorms that are
expected to accompany the heat wave!
     Hope you're staying dry and that
all your NEWS is good!

 90 degrees by Thursday!

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