Monday, May 27, 2013

Where There's Smoke.....There's RIBS!!!!!

  We had traveled along Route 590 to Lake
Wallenpaupack many times over the years.
But one particular trip made a big difference
in our lives!
   Hamlin was a community we drove through
on the way to the lake. But one Saturday a
long traffic backup halted us a good distance
from the red light up ahead.
    That's when the aroma from something
tasty cooking on a charcoal fire filtered through
our open windows.
    A glance to our right reveled an "L" shaped,
tarp covered structure with a line of people
holding trays filled with food.
   We had found Klunda's Bar B Q!
   That aroma was practically hypnotic. It pulled
us in!
    We found a lot of young men and women
laboring over a long brick charcoal pit the top
of which was covered with chicken and ribs!
The more they cooked, the more they were
moved forward on the grates, making room
for more chicken and ribs and allowing the
workers to continually turn the fixings to make
sure they were cooked all the way through.
    And they were other goodies available too!
    French fries and Corn, trucked from the south
so they'd be as fresh as if they were picked from
our own fields in peak season.
    We loved our meal and quickly started telling
friends about "our discovery." Of course, nearly
everyone else we spoke to already knew about
the place and had been going there for years!
     It's probably the best traffic jam I've ever
been in. We've been going back over and over
during the season which begins around Mother's
Day and ends about Columbus Day!
     We stopped again yesterday with family and
friends to celebrate a couple birthdays and
Memorial Day as well.
     We all ate as much as possible. After all,
we've got a couple years worth of missing this
place to make up for.
     And we plan to keep trying!
     Hope you've got a "special place" or two
to feast and that all your NEWS is good!

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