Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Checking My Crystal Ball!

   I knew this day was coming! It wasn't
marked on my calendar. But it was definitely
in the cards!
   This is National Psychic Day!
   It wasn't until recently I realized I had
psychic powers. But the evidence is
    Last Wednesday for instance. It was
still morning. Yet I knew my wife would
tell me the garbage would have to go out
that night for the weekly pickup on
Thursday! She did. Just as I foresaw!
    I had a similar premonition when my
wife asked me about the condition of
my bathing suit just before our annual
vacation at the shore!
    I had visions of her looking through
the available supply at Walmart, then
sending me into one of those Changing
Rooms to try on something new.
    Hours later, that same day, there I
was in one of those booths trying on
what turned out to be my new suit!
    My Mom was always interested in
such things. She used to mention a visit
to a Fortune Teller when my brother and
I were just kids. A Gypsy woman told her
one of her sons would become a Doctor.
    My brother, of course, became a
teacher while I ended up in television.
     I'm thinking Mom heard the woman
wrong. She probably said "One of your
sons will grow up to support a lot of
doctors." That would be accurate!
     I don't boast about my Psychic
powers very often. But you can bet I'm
already heading for an ice cream stand
before the grand kids ever mention they'd
like some sort of treat.
     Of course, as the TV detective "Monk"
used to say, "It's a blessing and a curse!"
I say this because our recycling bin is
getting full and I'm getting the feeling
my wife is about to mention it to me!
    Hope your fortune and NEWS, is


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