Friday, August 15, 2014

Yo Ho Ho..and a Bottle of _______

      It happened yesterday afternoon. Eight of us had
just completed a boat tour of the Thousand Island
Region when we came under attack! By Pirates!!!!!!!!
      My thoughts immediately turned to Captain
Phillips. Might I be held hostage by these
Buccaneers? Would I end up walking the plank?
My timbers were shivered!
      They were, that is, until the truth be told!
       It was the beginning of Pirate Weekend!
And its got nothing to do with Pittsburg. Boating is
big around these parts and Boating and pirates seem
to go hand in hand.
       The stores are filled with Pirate themed shirts,
hats, eye patches, and just about every other kind of
novelty to lure the suckers....I mean tourists into their
       Some people dress the part. And while you expect
to find some children looking like Captain Kidd we
were all a bit surprised to see members of one
family approaching us looking like they had just
stepped out of "Pirates of the Caribbean."
      I thought for a second this crew could be the
real thing! Then I learned their female leader was
from Allentown while the third mate was headed
for Penn State!
      We became fast friends and quickly earned
a few pieces of silver and gems for ourselves. I'm
not sure from whence they were plundered. But
nobody turns down a gift from someone who
looks like Jack Sparrow and carries a sword and
flintlock pistol!
     Our enthusiasm lead us to venture out into
the Seaway that evening on our own craft.....
looking to capture a prize. We'd have done it
too were in not for that small craft marked
United States Coast Guard that pulled us
over on that dark moonless night.
     "Turn your headlights off until you're
in the dock area" they suggested.
      Our Captain complied while the rest of
us hid our wine glasses and lowered the
Jolly Roger!
      Hope the wind's at your back and that
all your News is hearties!

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