Friday, August 22, 2014

Painting The Town Red!

   According to the Urban Dictionary the phrase
"Painting the town red" relates to going to various
different parties in different parts of town.
Basically to party all night long!
    That's why folks in Pittston bought out
Sherwin Williams! They are set to party!!!!!!!
    It's time for the annual Pittston Tomato
Festival and "painting the town red" began with
the Main Street!
    A long red line has replaced the traditional
white one that separates the street's two lanes.
The city's green trash cans now boast the image
of a bright red tomato. An entire wall of one
building has been turned into a giant tomato
     City officials tell me the acidic soil linked to
the coal mining industry is also perfect for local
gardeners intent on growing the perfect tomato
plant. Their spirited competition for "the best"
tomatoes lead to the annual festival.
    Of course not all tomatoes are perfect. Those
that are not may likely find themselves used in
the Festival's biggest attraction......the Tomato
     Used as a fund raiser for area charities, people
from all walks of life hurl rotten tomatoes at one
another while onlookers cheer them on! I'd love
to participate some  a "Thrower"....not
a "receiver!" I like tomato sauce. But not on my
shirt! Besides, I usually get stains without anyone
throwing the fruit at me!
     The 4 day festival draws tens on thousands of
people to the city which is currently involved in
a very impressive downtown renewal project.
Musical groups will be preforming throughout the
downtown while vendors peddle everything from
fresh tomatoes to ethnic foods.
     You can tell it's a good festival if you put on
at least one pound after your visit! (Think I may
be stopping at too many festivals!)
     If you're looking for all the activities just follow
the red line to the center of town. Pay attention
though if you happen to hear some one yell "Duck!"
Just in case there's a tomato heading your way!
     Hope you get to check it out and that all your
NEWS is good.     



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