Sunday, August 3, 2014

On The Rocks!

    No drink involved in this story. I was
the one who was "on the rocks" yesterday!
And it was quite an experience!
     Our niece and her husband are visiting
from Michigan so some of the family
gathered for a picnic at Hickory Run State
      This time, after the traditional hot dogs
on the grill and assorted treats, we
ventured to one of the park's, indeed the
state's, main attractions. Boulder Field!
      This relict from the last advancing
glacier is a field of huge rocks 400 feet wide,
and about 1800 feet long! It's also about 12
feet deep!
      The kids joined a crowd of visitors
carefully planning each step as they
ventured out and across some of the giant
      But some of us. me included, were
interested in a trail that winds it's way
through the forest about two thirds of a
mile or so to the far end of this lake of
    The trail allows Rangers to get vehicles
somewhat close to the other side of
Boulder Field to rescue people who fall
and are injured while trying to traverse
the field. Of course.....the Rangers know
where the trail turns right onto a wooded
path leading to the rocks. We, on the
other hand, didn't!
    After walking a substantial distance
and not seeing any boulders or New York
City we decided to turn around.
    I figured we'd head back to our
starting point. I figured wrong!
    Someone noticed the turn off, now
on our left, and we made our way along
a narrow trail over rocks, downed trees,
and brush....finally arriving at the far
end of the field!
     Of course my feeling of accomplishment
was somewhat tempered by the realization
there were only two ways back!
    Over  1800 feet of boulders, or back
over the downed trees, brush and rocks
of the wooded path to the trail.
     The path and trail won out and, less
than 20 minutes later we found
civilization. Well, maybe not civilization.
But, the Parking Lot!
     I was ready for some cool water..on
the rocks or not!
     Hope you're not lost in the woods
and that all your NEWS is good!

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