Thursday, August 14, 2014

Texting, 1,2, 3, 4

    We needed another get away fix! It's been
about three weeks since we invaded the beaches
of New Jersey. So we headed for the Thousand
Island area of New York!
    The Empire State has a lot to offer, including
a crack down on Cell phone use behind the wheel!
    While some communities debate a possible
ban on cell phone use by drivers New York State
Troopers have been enforcing a law that's been
in place for many years already.
     You still see a motorist on the phone from
time to time. But that's you. If a trooper spots a
violator you can be sure a ticket and fine is on
the way!
      Now New York has gone a step further!
      Realizing that the biggest problem, and danger,
has become texting it has turned its Rest Stops into
"Text Stops."
       Signs have been erected along the interstate
alerting drivers that Texting can wait and that the
next Text Stop is just so many miles ahead.
       The Text Stop designation now actually
is placed above the Rest Stop sign at all of the
pullovers. And some of those stops also offer
free Wifi!
       It may not stop everybody. But if it stops
just one...who happens to be just in front, to the
side of, or behind me, I'm good with that!
      Hope you'll wait till you visit one to Text
and that all your NEWS is good.


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  1. I traveled I86 last weekend and saw these signs all over the place and saw troopers stop a driver who passed me texting. Good going.