Monday, August 4, 2014

Over The Coals

  The grill! It is as much a part of summer as
the swimming pool and sun tan lotion!
   Barely a week goes by during June, July,
and August when most of don't find at least
one meal, usually on the weekend, featuring
a menu of hot dogs and/or hamburgers done
on some body's grill.
   Of course most of the time the grill is
hooked to a tank of propane gas ignited by
a push button or a "Fire starter lighter."
   But on our two most recent family outings
we found ourselves, and family members in
one of our nearby State Parks.
   They feature pleasant surroundings, picnic
tables, and plenty of grills. Charcoal Grills!
    The idea, of course, is to bring your own
charcoal load it into the grill and fire it up.
     But that, as we were reminded, is often
easier said than done!
     On our first venture two of our family
groups brought supplies of "Instant Start
Charcoal" to feed our fire. As it turns out,
however, these pre-saturated coals seem
to resist their "instant start qualities" after
they've been sitting around for a year...or
two..or more!
     We added small bits of paper which
burned quickly. But never ignited the coals.
     Finally my grandson and I drove off to
the nearest Camp Store where we found a
container filled with enough fluid to burn
down most any average sized building.
     Revitalized with a fresh coat of
accelerant the coals quickly burst into
flames and a hot meal was assured!
      Last time out we were ready!
      Fresh "Instant Start Charcoal," and
igniter fluid standing by, just in case.
      Then came the question. "Did anybody
bring matches"? The silence was
frightening, until my wife answered in the
      Thankfully the pack, probably manufactured
while Kennedy was still in office, managed
to age well  and the match actually did produce
a flame which, in turn, ignited the waiting
charcoal. Game on! Hot dogs for all!
       Hope your coals are burning and that all
your NEWS is good!


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