Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting To The Top!

   Welcome to August 7th., National Lighthouse
Day! And "Yes," it's official!
    On this day in 1789 Congress passed a law
allowing the Federal Government to control the
building and maintenance of lighthouses in our
    We have three right here at our house. Of course
they're just models and they don't help me or anyone
else with navigational needs.
     With the advent of GPS technology those old
tall buildings with the beacons aren't quite as
vital as they once were. Over the years though
their lights have saved a lot of ships and sailors.
     I find that just a little ironic since one of them
nearly killed me!
     It was in North Carolina just a year ago.
     I was with my family on vacation and we
paid a visit to the Currituck Beach  Lighthouse
in  historic Corolla Village.
     A few of us decided to go to the top of the
160 foot high structure. It would seem I hadn't
given the proposal much thought.
     You see while Lighthouses have been around
since ancient times, elevators didn't come along
till many years later.
     So, to get to the top, we had to walk!
The Spiral staircase included 214 steps.
Fortunately there was a landing every so often
where one, this one, could take a break and
attempt to breath again!
     Lighthouses are great to look at. From the
ground! Small models are nice too!
     Hope you see the light and that all your
NEWS is good!


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