Sunday, August 10, 2014

They're Everwhere, They're Everywhere!

   My wife, daughter, two grand kids and I
were happy to accept an invitation from our
good friends to take a cruise aboard their
new pontoon boat on Lake Wallenpaupack
    Seems like everyone else with a vessel
of any kind had the same idea as the lake
was as busy as Interstate 81 at Drive Time!
     Pontoon boats have become the favorite
of many boaters these days. There were
plenty of speed boats, fishing boats, and
sail boats too.
     But keeping your eye open for water's
version of the motorcycle poses the biggest
     Jet Skis, or whatever their brand name
happens to be, are everywhere!
     They seemed to be buzzing around us
like World War II fighter planes targeting
the bombers! Of course that's intentional.
Their pilots,  Jet Ski pilots that is, love
to zip past the wake of other boats to "get
some air" as they momentarily sail above
the waves then back into the water.
     And unlike cycles on the highway the
Personal Watercraft Operators aren't
restricted to traveling in lanes!
      Our own Captain my buddy, guided
us around the lake and through the traffic
without a man, woman, of fellow boater
overboard so, unlike the Skipper and
Gilligan, we completed our cruise on
      Hope all your sailing is smooth
and all your NEWS is good!

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