Wednesday, August 13, 2014


   I spent many, many hours in the YMCA
when I was growing up in my hometown
of Hazleton.
   I would swim there, bowl there, play
ping pong and pool. I was President of
the Model Railroad Club, the Rifle Club
(We used BB guns), and even served as
Chaplin of the High Y Club.
   In later years, however, my YMCA
exercise was limited to the arm gestures
I preformed when they played that song
by the Village People!
   Then came yesterday.
    More than a month ago my wife and I
learned that our health insurance
endorsed the Silver Sneaker program
which provides memberships in places
like the YMCA to encourage your use
of their health and exercise programs.
     When I realized yesterday's heavy
rain would prevent my daily morning
walk I decided to check out the Y in
      I was truly amazed! Among other
things the Y offers a fully equipped
exercise workout room with more
equipment than I knew existed.
     Since I'm basically a walker these
days my equipment of choice was the
     I was just a bit taken aback when I
climbed aboard the unit and found
myself staring at a control panel that
looked, at first, like the instrument
panel in a jet plane!
     It turned out to be a lot simpler
than that. You could adjust your time,
your speed, your distance and, all the
while, check on your progress and your
heart rate.
     Of course it's a little different that
your morning constitutional. Pause to
say Hi to someone and you suddenly
notice your "sidewalk" is still moving!
     I felt just a little conspicuous as most
of the older folks nearby seemed to be
moving a lot faster than I. But I
gradually increased my rate as I got used
to the machine.
    All in all a good workout. And the
price was right!
    Heck, after a few more visits I should
be able to do those Y M C A arm gestures
while I cruising along on the Treadmill!
    Hope you're singing along and that
all your NEWS is good!


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