Friday, August 8, 2014


   There's a revival underway in our area and
it doesn't involve a big tent or a fiery preacher!
    My daily walks often take me through the
City of Pittston. But, lately, I've had to cross
the street more than just a couple of times
because the sidewalks I've been using have
been closed.
     Those detours have been necessitated by
construction projects. And there are a lot of
      At a time when many downtowns seem
to be on their last legs Pittston's seems to be
making a comeback!
      The projects seem to be spreading faster
than the town's famous Tomato plants! And
several of them involve the rehabilitation of
landmark buildings that, in other areas, might
have simply been destroyed to make way for
something new.
      I would have bet that one old building
was coming down when I first noticed
construction workers on the scene. Instead
the façade is being redesigned while the
upper floors are being completely rebuilt!
      That's the case too for one of the city's
largest buildings which already sports
brand new windows on all seven floors.
I'm told it's to become retail space on the
ground floor and apartments above.
       Another smaller building which
recently lost a religious supply outlet is
soon to become a Pastry Shop. I will be
stopping in to check on it's supplies once
the transformation is complete! My
donation to quality control.
      There's brand new construction as
well. A new Riverview Condo Complex
is already half built and word is a regional
Hospital organization will be building a
Medical Center.
      As a guy who grew up when downtowns
were the center of most every community I'm
hoping these efforts prove successful. It really
could make things seem like old times.
       Hope it works out and that all your NEWS
is good!     

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