Monday, September 22, 2014

Can You Hear Me Now?

      We spent our last evening on the road,
coming home, in Connecticut. Our trip to
Maine was great. Our travels were great.
Our hotels as we headed back were great.
      I wanted to call the family to tell them.
      That's when I discovered I didn't have
my cell phone!
      I knew I had it in my pocket on that
rocky Ferry Boat ride across Penobscot Bay.
      I thought I had it as we started back.
But when I looked on and around the seat
in my friend's truck it was nowhere to be
      You had to think.....was my phone and
my contact list now resting one to two
hundred feet under salt water surrounded
by Lobsters?
      I borrowed my wife's cell phone to call
the Ferry Boat Company. Perhaps a deck
hand spotted the old flip up phone. Or
perhaps I had dropped it inside the terminal.
     Since my wife almost never turns her
phone on, let along make calls with it, I
knew I'd have plenty of minutes to call
     Meanwhile my daughter, alerted through
a Facebook message, kept calling my number
in the event someone would hear the ring and
let us know where I had dropped it. I should
note at this point that we never expected a
Lobster to call us back!
      In fact no one answered and my calls to
the terminal yielded only a promise they'd
get in touch with me if my phone turned up!
     I was resolved to begin the effort to get
a new phone......not a Smart Phone.....just a
new, old type, flip phone.
     That's when my friend's wife activated
the electric seat upon which I had been
seated and discovered my phone, safely
resting on the floor well under the seat.
      It's good to know neither casual
traveler or any type of sea life would be
texting from my classic Samsung unit!
     Hope that hole in my jacket pocket
gets mended and that all your NEWS is

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