Saturday, September 6, 2014

They're Back!

  I was beginning to think the Wright Brothers
made a big mistake when the took man in the
age of powered flight!
  My observation came as we began our trip
to Ireland some 14 days ago.
  The plan was simple enough. We were to leave
our local airport, fly to Phildelphia where we'd
have plenty of time to catch our international
flight to Ireland.
  Our confidence dimmed just  a bit when the
status sign at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton
airport flashed the words "Flight Delay" for
the aircraft we were scheduled to board. Seems
it was late leaving Philly, to get to us. to take
us to Philly! Don't any flights just start at
our airport?
   Even with the delay, we figured we'd have
enough time to catch our connecting flight.
Of course time was the issue. You see the
Philadelphia Airport is about a big as Road Island.
And the place where you land isn't anywhere
near the place where you're suppose to leave!
   Phildelphia International has its own Shuttle
Bus just to take you from one terminal to
another. Of cousre, first you've got to catch
the shuttle bus!
   That accomplished, thanks to a young lady
driving a very large passenger golf cart, we
arrived at our departure station only to learn
that flight was also delayed.
   A mechnical check and customs inspection
we were told. Well over an hour past our
scheduled departure time we were finally
allowed to board the aircraft.
   Some 20 minutes of so later the little
tractor that pushes the aircraft away from
the boarding ramp broke its transmission.
    We waited again. Another 15 minutes and
a replacement tractor fired up. Why don't
airplanes have a "reverse", at least for while
they're on the ground?
    The main engines fired up we were finally
headed for take off...I thought. But the path
we took seemed to be taking us back to the
boarding ramp. Sure enough it did. And when
we arrived, three security police officers got
on the plane and took 5 "gentlemen" off! 4
were allowed back on! One was not! Apparently
an issue involving alcohol and a non willingness
to obey the flight attendants. And, No, I was
not one of them!
    Finally, well over two hours late, we
climbed into the air for our early morning
    Usually I'd catch a few winks by leaning
my weary head on my wife's shoulder. But,
since we were separated by the aisle and
since the woman's shoulder crammed next
to me offered no appeal, I spent most on the
next 5 and a half hours watching old movies
and wondering if we were better off before
Wilbur and Orville , sailing the seas to our
world wide destinations?
    I was already contemplating the return
flights....and wondering about a volcano in
Iceland I never heard of!
    More on our adventures over the next
few days as I try to remember everything!
    Hope you are "on time" and that all your
NEWS is good!

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