Friday, September 19, 2014



      We found ourselves sitting on the dock of
the bay yesterday.
   But we weren't watching the tide rolling
 away. We were watching the Lobster boats
 sail in to unload their catch!
    These are the folks that fill up those
 tanks you see at places like Red Lobster
 and Coopers in our area.
    After retrieving their traps they bring
 them in the Co-op where they're checked
 and sorted. They toss them into baskets
 like they're gathering apples!
    You keep getting the feeling you'd like
 to offer your help and, perhaps, toss one
 or two on the side for yourself! By the
 way they've already got the rubber bands on
 their claws so you're pretty sure you can
 keep your fingers!
    Then, just aout the time, you're amazed
 by the Lobster take, you spot something
 else in the water.
    Having just returned from Loch Ness
 all kinds of thoughts crossed our mind.
 Could it be a Sea Monster?
    You could easily see why some people
 might think so. But a closer look reveled
 the critters were seals. They probably
 followed the boats coming into the dock.
    Boats, Lobsters, Seals. It's amazing what
 you can see while you're sitting on the dock
 of the bay.......If you take the time to look!
    Hope you keep looking closely and that
 all your news is good! 

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